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Just for you, CreateYourDream, a website, presents a training series!

Half of my posts talk about either WordPress, HTML or CSS. I purposefully have designed this site for people to learn some stuff about how to build a website on WordPress. If you read anything here, you will know that I am representing a community known as Wealthy Affiliate. It’s easy for anyone to be passionate about WA. I’m truly right there, but my other passion is helping people discover their own passion to enjoy a life of design, creativity and writing. Below is a list of posts that I have made. If you go in order, you won’t miss anything, but you can choose whatever suits your fancy. And as I make more posts on this topic, I will add them to this list as well in order to amass a great amount of training for those who may choose to join me in this journey.

Getting Started

You don’t have to commit to anything. You can learn HTML, CSS, and affiliate marketing all at the same time. CreateYourDream! Take your passion and make a business online. I have dedicated this training and this whole site to help you. But you really don’t know how great the community is at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best thing going in my opinion. I don’t mind saying. You can be set up with a website and ready to go in minutes.

Getting a Starter Membership

Training Post #1

Training Post #2

insert images and links in wordpress

Training Post #3

html in wordpress

Training Post #4

3 lists in html

Training Post #5

add custom css to wordpress

Training Post #6

make a box with HTML

Training Post #7

make a box with CSS


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