I’m glad you asked!

Cause I plan to show you as quickly and to-the-point as I possibly can.

There are currently three Comeonwithit.com websites

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The first site, Comeonwithit.com

The second site I made, Christians.comeonwithit.com

And the site you are currently on – Createyourdream.comeonwithit.com

The first two websites blatantly focus on my personal mission statement:

Speak Life into the World!

The third website reveals the hands on, take action answer to the question of “How do we speak life into the world?”

The answer is, we create our dreams!!!

Now, before I get lost in my own excitement at the possibility of people creating their dreams, let me tell you the specific target(s) I intend to attract to this site and this mission.

I answer the question, “Who is my target market?”

target market

I want you to know from the beginning so that you can understand my intentions. You may not be inside the target market that I am about to reveal. If you find yourself outside, please know that I still welcome you aboard. I cannot account for every person’s interests. If you want to be here, you are actually my first target market.

Transparency is crucial to trust, so here we go. I give and you receive my transparency.

Addicts and Alcoholics

I have worked with these people who are marginalized by society and counted out of the picture. They are manipulative, entitled, demanding, and shrewd. Alcoholics and addicts also get what they want most of the time even if in the process, they destroy their own health.

I know it’s a big “IF” but if addicts and alcoholics were to gain a new paradigm, they could and would shock the world with their greatness.

I have a plan for it.

  1. The concepts that I am developing into a book at Comeonwithit.com called “How I See the World Can Change. 58 Words That Release My Potential to Love and Live.” will give addicts and alcoholics this new paradigm.
  2. The community here at CreateYourDream.comeonwithit.com and its parent community at Wealthy Affiliate will give addicts and alcoholics a vehicle for producing their dreams, making a business online, and collaborating with extremely positive and dedicated people.

Review so far…

Target #1 is anyone who wants to be here. So then, target #2 is the addict or alcoholic that wants to discover who they are and why they are here.

My mission may be to speak life into the world, but my specific goal in this instance is to help one person at a time to pursue his or her purpose so that our communities can be made stronger.

3rd target: Baby Boomers –
– America’s Minimized Treasure

Knowledge is power, right? I disagree. Sorry, I didn’t mean to set you up. I would say that “the use of knowledge to do what is right” is a better definition of power. Now that I am talking to you “Boomers” out there, I have to say that you are underutilized in society. In fact, in a lot of cases, people that say anything about you are only trying to define ways to manipulate you into giving up your money. The problem is, you have worked hard for your money. Another problem is that not all of you are doing that well financially.

I wrote a post on this site’s blog. You can read it, in fact, I wish you would. The link is here at Baby Boomer Business Ideas. In that post, I talk about all the younger generation marketing or older generation “sell out” marketing positioning itself to take from the Baby Boomer generation. My idea is to try to discover what the Boomers have to offer, and I discuss the fact that your generation has experience and knowledge that will be lost when you are gone. What a tragedy!

Three Worse Tragedies

  1. You work your whole life to make someone else a lot of money and don’t get to enjoy any kind of respect in the way of retirement or in the way of the rest of us seeing you for your accomplishments.
  2. You have all this specialized knowledge and passion for your hobbies and interests, but you can’t even enjoy them because of financial lack.
  3. And,

  4. Either you don’t see your potential to be a leader to the next generations, or you aren’t willing to be one. Regardless of which one, we all lose. The next generations need your specialized knowledge and wise guidance. Hell, I need it, and I’m almost one of you at 45 years old.

This is why I want to be your partner.

I want to partner with you to help create your dreams whatever your interests and whatever your passion.

Here’s what I am providing:

  1. I have been learning how to use HTML and CSS, and I know enough to help beginners get started. I have started a training course here at this website to help guide you when you have questions.
  2. I am going to connect you to Wealthy Affiliate, the absolute best place online to learn about affiliate marketing. They have a community of people there that has no match anywhere.
    Here’s a link to a question I asked them about whether age mattered when learning new skills for building a website and marketing online. Their answers are ridiculously encouraging. And here’s my review of Wealthy Affiliate as well so you can see what’s happening there. The company’s goal is to help people turn their passions into profitable online businesses. They teach you affiliate marketing which is perfect for helping the Baby Boomer generation use their knowledge to create revenue streams. What may even be more important is the opportunity affiliate marketing offers for the Boomer generation to disseminate their knowledge and leadership to the world.
  3. Along the way, I will not only be offering motivation to create your dream, I will also be available. That is my pledge. It may not be perfect. You may not get an instant answer, but I will get to your request. Plus, we will have many informative conversations in the forum of this site or on my Facebook page. I will be starting a group as well on Facebook so that we can always be connected for our mutual benefit. Trust me, I will learn more from you than you will learn from me. In the process, we may actually get an opportunity to develop other business ideas and make a mark on the world together.
  4. I am also on the hunt for more great tools to help us all be as successful as we can be with affiliate marketing. Time management presents difficulties for me. But I have found an online tool called Simpleology that I am researching and getting ready to review for you. I used it years ago, but I personally fell off. I never forgot it’s effectiveness in increasing productivity.

The very little bit of technical knowledge you will need to learn will make it possible to turn your passion into revenue while the rest of us get the opportunity to hear what you have to say.

So, what do I want you to do, you ask?

It’s pretty simple. If you want a chance to discover your purpose at this point in your life and you think what I am saying makes sense, register here on this site as a member. It’s free for now, and I seriously doubt that will change.

Also, if you haven’t read my Wealthy Affiliate review, you should know that even they have a free option that will enable you to get your feet wet and decide if you want to keep moving forward toward your dreams.

So, this whole process can start out free. You may find that you will want to invest in yourself and your business, but that choice will always be up to you.

If you want to take some time and look at my blatantly Christian websites, I welcome your input and membership. Not everyone is into it, I get it. But if you are, or if you’re curious, it’s there. The images at the top of the page and the links will take you there.

One more thing, if you have any questions or feedback, you can post a comment below or go to my Contact page and send me a message. Either way works! I appreciate the time you have spent here, and I am hopeful that you are looking for what you have found at CreateYourDream, a Comeonwithit.com website. I’m challenging you, too! Be encouraged to “Come on with it!”

Hope to see you here and there!




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