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create your dream, a comeonwithit.com website.


Create Your Dream, a Comeonwithit.com website, was born from the desire to provide a better way of life for my family and fulfill my creative purpose at the same time.

The internet blossomed into the largest market on the planet, and I had no way of using it for better finances. Over three billion people have high speed connections, and most of them want to use those connections to provide a better life for their families. So, I know I am not by myself.

I had tried ways to make extra money, offline and online, but I had never encountered anything like what I recently found. Wealthy Affiliate and I were strangers up until a month ago, but “Create Your Dream’s” existence directly results from contact with Wealthy Affiliate.

It was perfect timing.

I was ready to make that acquaintance and had taught myself HTML and CSS (a little) over the years. Fortunately as well, I had experience with WordPress. I loved to write and create, so when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, all of the pieces came together for me. The choice to join as a premium member was easy for me to make. But like I said, I was ready.


So, I tested the platform and built a couple websites in the first month:
Come on with it!, and
Christians, come on with it!

And Now

Everything’s going so smoothly. The platform and the community have proven so impressive that I have actually decided to attempt to introduce this opportunity to people like me who want to create something, a dream.

This dream has been recurring for many years. Riding on a trike with my wife on the back, we make our way to Gatlinburg, TN. There is a sense that money isn’t an issue and that everyone’s needs are taken care of. I feel like I am free to feel the wind in my hair and get some bugs on my windshield.

In another part of the dream, I see myself being creative and not pressed by time. I get the sense that I am helping others figure out the same thing I have figured out to get to this serenity.

Should I wake up?

In that moment of the dream, if I were to wake up, I would believe it because I love to help people. The links I provided above reveal my main vision to help struggling addicts and alcoholics in my home county in Pennsylvania.

Well, to understand what this site, “Create Your Dream,” is all about, all you need to do is understand that I am excited to introduce people to the opportunity offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t wanted to be a salesman, and I haven’t tried to sell anything in years because I got tired of the MLM and network marketing circles. Thank God this isn’t that!

Wealthy Affiliate, what I like most!

create your dream

Wealthy Affiliate helps people succeed as a tool for people to use to create their personal dreams online. For real, they have their own product you can sponsor, yes, but they invest in helping members discover their own passions. Whatever a person wants to create on a website, Wealthy Affiliate helps them get it done, and people can write about what they know or what fills their hearts.

People can be who they are and use their personal knowledge to leverage an online income. Now I have to be honest, it isn’t easy, but there are over 800,000 members on the site who are at different levels of ability and success who open their lives and understanding so that new members can be successful as well. Plus, it’s never work when you’re talking about or doing something you love.

The coolest feature of Wealthy Affiliate will always remain the free membership option. Everyone can sign-right-up for free and test the community and the platform and check the fit. You can’t beat that. I jumped right into the Premium membership, which has a bit more functionality, but I was ready.

My last point!

This brings me to my last point about why I am building “Create Your Dream.” I was ready, but others might not be. Seriously, those that don’t feel ready might want to check it out and see what happens. And it’s those people and anyone who wants to sign up through me that I am committing to help. We can be friends inside the site and we can use this particular site. At Create Your Dream, we can discuss anything and everything pertaining to fulfilling purpose.

If I can’t personally answer a question, we will get the answer. Help abounds in the site, and most people won’t need the extra attention from me. But anyone can have it if they want. I will be here. That’s my pledge.

Until later, I urge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate and begin to create your dream.

If you are ready, click on the button below! I look forward to working together with you for our successes!

Alright, my name is Alan. I appreciate you being here. If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment below. You can also access my Wealthy Affiliate profile by clicking here.

Have a good one.



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