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Simpleology Review – Legit or Scam – 2017

Overall Ranking:

So far, I have absolutely no complaints.


When you go to the link below, Simpleology offers a free thirty day trial.

If you go to hit the back button, Simpleology offers you a lite version of Simpleology for free for life. This is the option I have chosen for now.

After you have opened an account, every time you log in to the site, Simpleology offers you a free trial of Simpleology Elite for 60 days with a price of $47.00/mo. after the 60 day trial ends.


Founder and Genius, Mark Joyner


Simpleology Review – Introduction to Simpleology

A Simpleology review must start with a simple explanation of what Simpleology even is. For all this talk of things simple, Simpleology is supported by seriously beneficial philosophy. As a member, you have access to their well researched library of ideas culled from many sources. All of Simpleology’s claims find their backs against sound ideas and their feet standing on the same.

Joyner defines Simpleology as:

Simpleology is 3 simple steps you can apply
to anything you want to improve,
and simplify your life in the process.

    Those three steps are these:

  1. Pick what you want to improve.
  2. Turn it into a H.I.M.E. habit.
  3. Make it stick!

The H.I.M.E. Habit

H.I.M.E. stands for “High Impact, Minimal Effort.” The Simpleology process organizes thoughts, hopes, and dreams and then sets you off to get the work done. Over time, the process becomes a habit and your productivity increases. The site claims that productivity can increase by a multiple of two or even three.

I have accepted a 30-day challenge to make a habit of increased productivity. At this point, I am four days in and extremely pleased with the results so far. I have a list of completed tasks that I may or may not have completed without Simpleology.

The fact remains, I normally would just be shooting in the dark without focus. I can get a lot done but without focus. With the focus and energy I get from having a platform to work from and gather all my ideas, I can pick and choose what to do and then just do it. (Sorry Nike, I don’t mean anything by it.)

You can see the 30-day challenge by reading “The Habit All Billionaires Have in Common.”

It might prove unfruitful for you to explain the whole process, so I will simplify with a list.

  1. The day starts with a training.
  2. Training leads you to a morning brainstorm session.
  3. All your ideas for the day’s action are compiled.
  4. The training continues when you take the list and evaluate each item.
  5. Three choices: Do it, Deliberate it, or Dump it.
  6. Then each of those choices goes on to another level of narrowing focus.
  7. After that level, you have your list of items that you will accomplish.
  8. Then you do them.

Part of the process gives you the ability to schedule the tasks you want to do another time, another day. You access Google Calendar through the platform, schedule the task, and leave it.

My absolute favorite part of the Simpleology process is a little wonder known as a “dreamcatcher.” At any time during the day or night, when I get an idea of something I need or want to do, I email Simpleology’s dreamcatcher and that task is applied to my account for the next day. I send it, and I leave it. I can forget about it because it will show up for me the next day when I continue. This keeps even my stray thoughts in line with my desire to move forward.

Simpleology Review: Is it really that simple?

The process itself is just as simple as I have described and maybe more because Mark Joyner guides you with short, easy videos the whole way. He helps you to make productivity a habit. When I am finished with my morning training, I am pumped to get moving. And I really put aside other distractions and do the work. In true Rob Dyrdek fashion, I “Do work, son!”

Productivity is only the beginning with this Simpleology review. The other areas that Simpleology addresses are Wealth, Business Growth, High Energy, and Grit. You use the same process – three simple steps – to improve all these areas. Improvement may not be the correct adjustment. Radical transformation is probably more like it. But perfection is not the aim.

Simpleology Review: What’s important to you?

Simpleology promises improvement in life’s challenging areas. It’s hard to be productive, grow a business, attain wealth, have high energy and true grit. I have yet to prove anything but increased productivity, but if the rest of their program follows after the same model, as it does, I can rest assured of the improvements I am looking for.

You may be seeking to improve in these areas as well. Simpleology makes the top of the list for me. I recommend you try it. I will explain next pros and cons in this Simpleology review.

Pros and Cons

You might be able to guess at the pros already from what I’ve already said. The cons of the program aren’t quite that bad. As a Simpleology Lite member, you have to wade through a couple sales offers every time you log in. Those sales offers are offset though by free offers of other products that Simpleology has produced. In order to get past them, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the small link to continue with the log in. Check out their offers though. There may be something there that you can’t resist.

In my four days of habit formation, I have also been granted access to Simpleology 102 – The Simple Science of Money. In addition to Simpleology 102, they gave me access “The Irresistible Offer.” This training is supposed to teach me to get customers to accept my offer in as little as three seconds. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but it sounds promising.

In this image, I was choosing Simpleology 102 – The Simple Science of Money with a coupon code they gave me for $97.00. Pretty good deal!

In the beginning of your training, the video instruction is a little longer, but only four days into it, I was done with setting up my day and off to the tasks in less than five minutes. The first couple days are the longest, so when you go there, set aside about 10-15 minutes to get your bearings.

The only other con that I can ascertain is that there is a whole lot to learn. The upside to learning though is that you can apply it to every endeavor of your life.

Who Benefits

This answer is also as simple as Simpleology. Everyone who cares about how their future unfolds can benefit from the training at Simpleology,
especially if they want to have some say in what happens. For those tired of indecision and lack of focus, this Simpleology review might be the best thing you’ve ever read.


I’ve not had to use it, but the website claims they are on standby 24/7.

Simpleology Review: Final Verdict

I wish I hadn’t fallen off years ago. But I’m glad I found Simpleology again. The changes that have happened over time through upgrades to the system have made the user experience fantastic. I have been upgraded to version 5.5. The process is seamless and helps me to be able to focus on the things I really want to get done. Again, the dreamcatcher is my favorite tool because I think so much during the day. When I have a thought I want to remember about a website or a blog post or something that needs done, I send a quick email from my phone and forget it. And there it is the next morning just waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

If you click on this link and go to Simpleology, I may receive an affiliate payment if and when you ever choose to upgrade to an Elite member. There’s that transparency that we need to have. I wanted you to know. If I haven’t said it yet, I will now. You can truly benefit from just the free options they offer. Have a good time with it!

Other opportunities on this site include a review of Wealthy Affiliate, a training series for HTML and CSS geared to beginners, and a connection to my “Come on with it!” Facebook page. Check it out if you want to get a real idea of what I am trying to do with my series of websites. I also invite you to register as a free member here on this website. Join the journey with me. I’d love to have you along.

Have a great day! Thanks for coming by!




Hi Alan. I really enjoyed this review. I’m usually quite a highly motivated individual, but sometimes I find it very difficult to motivate myself and just get things done. My degree is in music performance (I’m a pianist) and while I loved doing it, it was just so hard to motivate myself to get up at 6am every morning and go practice for four or five hours that day. And of course, you feel terrible when you don’t get enough work done, which only serves to de-motivate you. I think Simpleology could be a really useful tool not only for those who can’t motivate themselves, but for anyone needing a little more encouragement – we’ve all been there. (I know I certainly have!)

Jun 11.2017 | 06:20 pm


    Jack, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I recommend it. It’s not time consuming and it builds strong, positive habits for you. Even if you only ever do the free stuff, it’s quite worth it. Have a great day!

    Jun 11.2017 | 06:47 pm


Great review man. It sounds like something I could be interested in. Like I easily get distracted at times and go on Facebook then all of a sudden you realise 2 hours has passed. It would be great to have something like this in your life to keep you on track of the important things that need to be done. Thanks again for sharing

Jun 11.2017 | 06:58 pm


    Go for it brother. There’s no real pressure from them to buy in. The free parts are definitely worth it. I love the dreamcatcher. I was just sending one to myself in fact when I saw you had commented. It’s a great system. Eventually, I will spend some money there, but I have a lot to learn for free first. Thanks for coming by.

    Jun 11.2017 | 07:04 pm

JR Andrade

Hi Alan, great review. You got me interested there =) As a purpose-driven person, the day passes without me thinking what I should do the next day, both personal and work-related activities. The “dream catcher” part is what piqued my interest as random thoughts comes to me and most often not, I think 80% just passes thru my mind and when I had to time to take action on it, I already forgot it. This dream catcher tool will help in making my thoughts into a reality. I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for this brother =)

Jun 12.2017 | 03:37 am


    You’re welcome brother! It is an awesome tool to use. So much gets in the way of our success or completing the stuff we want to do. It’s nice to have the help. The dreamcatcher does rock too. I just threw one in. I’m always doing it, and that stuff I send ends up in my morning ritual the next day. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again.

    Jun 12.2017 | 12:00 pm


Thank you for this great review! You had some points I didn’t think about. I really like the idea that they have a free trial and I could see for myself if it fits my needs.
Thanks again for sharing

Jun 12.2017 | 08:30 am


    You are so welcome. I hope you go through with it. It’s a great platform, and they teach you quite a bit about other things as well as you explore what they have to offer.

    Jun 12.2017 | 12:01 pm

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