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Create the Life You Want

create the life you want

No one has an excuse. Regardless of age, socio-economic status, race, religion, or any other measurement, each of us is responsible for what we do everyday to either make our lives better, stagnate, or worse. You create the life you want by the actions you take everyday. The same can be said for the “flipside.” You create the life you want by your inaction as well. Actually, inaction is just an action to not do what you should be doing in the first place. I learned that philosophy years ago through the free option at Simpleology.

I didn’t continue to use the Simpleology program at that point in my life, but I am starting back up now. Remembering how it shaped my thinking and made me want to be better at life in general, I know the benefits to me now would be awesome.

It helps you create the life you want by helping you simplify things and save time. I am sure I will have more to say about Simpleologhy philosophies and initiatives later. All that I can remember at this point is that I was starting to become more productive. And my stress levels went down. Lack of productivity helps you to not create the life you want. My current situation rarely gives me time to produce, but there arre times when I feel like I can devote a lot of time. Then, I can get so scattered that I forget that I’m waste time as well. No one can be perfect,
but I want to shoot for excellence at least.

A Strawberry Ice Cream Commercial

Maybe you have seen it. shows the video and discusses the media itself. The commercial spot highlights Haagen Dazs ice cream. I transposed the script from the video at because it sums up what I am trying to say.

Here’s the script. It’s just a couple sentences but very profound.

“Haagen Dazs believes some of the most extraordinary things don’t start out that way. They’re earned through passion and perseverance on a journey that began quite simply. Ours began over 50 years ago.”

A Journey of Passion and Perseverance

The script talks about a journey. Everyone travels through life, and life can be considered a journey. We can get stuck and actually need a road trip sometimes though, right? So we release passion and practice perseverance through the good times and the bad. We push, and we pull.

I find myself right through here being passionate about helping other people be passionate. To me, there is nothing more important than living a life filled with passion. For passion, you will move everything out of your way.

Dreams and aspirations can only be found if you get on the road toward where they are. People say that money isn’t everything, and it isn’t. I certainly agree. No one can maintain passion for accumulation of wealth. That is why I am extremely pleased to be doing what I am doing.

I am using Simpleology and Wealthy Affiliate and this website and others to make my play for helping people discover who they are and what they can accomplish. Passion will drive us to purpose. You can create the life you want. I would love to be on that road trip with you.

Please understand that the beginning never stays easy when you strive for extraordinary. Your beginning won’t seem extraordinary, but when you put the work in with passion and perseverance, the end product that I hope to help you achieve will be truly wonderful.

Be encouraged.




Alan, what an encouraging, inspirational, uplifting piece! Love the script and comparison with life and the journey we take. Road trips are a definite at times, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for the read. :o)

May 31.2017 | 11:45 pm


    I’m very glad you liked it. Paula, I believe you understand just how important it is to chase your dreams. The benefit is life. I feel alive writing all day. I hope it helps everyone who reads it. Blessings.

    Jun 01.2017 | 12:15 am


Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for this post, it is very motivating and I completely agree with you that each of us is responsible for their own life (it took me some time to learn this concept), I too think that the path to extraordinary isn’t always easy, but when you are persistent you can achieve anything!
Thanks again,

Jun 01.2017 | 04:05 am


    Paulina, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am encouraged by your words. I find it difficult sometimes to continue with focus, but now that I have found Simpleology again, I am excited. It really does help you to get stuff done. I recommend it. Some people never come to the realization that it’s up to them. Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative, but life can be so much more with the right mindset. Have a great day and thanks again. I hope to see you again.

    Jun 01.2017 | 08:48 am

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