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Add a Plugin to WordPress: WP Add Custom CSS

add a plugin to wordpress

I use this plugin in my websites. You might like it if you are ready to add a plugin to WordPress. There are literally thousands of plugins for WordPress.

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you probably already know how to add a plugin to WordPress. In fact, if you are a blogger that has taken the time to set up your own site and downloaded WordPress at then you are completely able to add a plugin to WordPress.

This post is for the beginner who isn’t sure what to do. One of the great things about WordPress is the additional functionality that you can add.

A little history

A long time ago when I first ventured into building websites, I thought it would be great to try a free site at WordPress. I read all about plugins and saw how I could put together a great site. Then I got the free site. But I found out that you can’t add plugins to a site freely. The freedom for creating what you want is found through and your own hosting.

This path wasn’t something I was ever ready to do. To be honest, I’m not as technically savvy as I would like to be. I can add a plugin to WordPress, but I have a really difficult time understanding codex.

Finding Wealthy Affiliate

When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I found easy installation of WordPress on more sites than I could ever care to create. And I found fantastic hosting that I don’t have to deal with separately with unsurpassed technical support. And the community? I can’t say enough about the community. I want to get on with this so click here for my full review of Wealth Affiliate.

WP Add Custom CSS

Here’s a link to find this plugin and download it. Here’s the thing, like I said, I am not as technically savvy as I would like, so I have to assume you have installed WordPress either on your own host or hopefully through Wealthy Affiliate.

add a plugin to wordpress

    Here is how I install WP Add Custom CSS to my sites

  • Go to the Dashboard of your site.
  • Look for the Plugins tab under Appearance on the left.
  • Click on Plugins and then “Add New”

When you click on “Add New” and search “WP Add Custom CSS,” you should see an image similar to the top of the page. If you search the exact phrase, it should be the very first plugin that comes up. In the top right of the search result, you will see the word “Install.”

  • After you click “Install” and it installs, you will see the button “Activate.”
  • Click on “Activate” or open your installed plugins from the left side of your dashboard.
  • I hate to say it but it really is as simple as this.

  • At this point, you can click on “Settings” and configure the plugin how you want.

There isn’t much to configure. Here’s an image of what you will see.

Okay, now if you don’t know any CSS, I will be coming along soon with a post of a few things you need to know to get along quite nicely. This is a work in progress that I am actually assuming I may finish prior to much traffic coming to this post. We’ll see.

This plugin gives you the freedom to style any page or post and in the future when you run your own WooCommerce plugin, it will enable you to make it look how you want.

For right now, I am happy to have shown you, the new Wealthy Affiliate internet marketer, how easy it is to add a plugin to WordPress.

Thanks for coming by!

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